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1. How are you doing?(你好吗?) 

2. I'm doing great。(我过得很好。)

3. What's up?(出什么事了/你在忙些什么/怎么了?)

4. Nothing special。(没什么特别的。)

5. Hi. Long time no see。(嗨,好久不见了。)

6. So far so good。(到目前为止,一切都好。)

7. Things couldn't be better。(一切顺利。)

8. How about yourself?(你自己呢?)

9. Today is a great day。(今天是个好日子。)

10. Are you making progress?(有进展吗?)

11. May I have your name, please?(请问尊姓大名?)

12. I've heard so much about you。(久仰大名。)

13. I hope you're enjoying your staying here。(希望你在这里过得愉快。)

14. Let's get together again。(改天再聚聚。)

15. That's a great idea!(好主意!)

16. Please say hello to your mother for me。(请代我向你母亲问好。)

17. I'm glad to have met you。(很高兴遇到你。)

18. Don't forget us。(别忘了我们。)

19. Keep in touch。(保持联系。)

20. I had a wonderful time here。(我在这里度过了难忘的时光。)

21. Have a nice weekend。(周末愉快。)

22. Same to you。(彼此彼此。)

23. Nice talking to you。(很高兴与你聊天。)

24. Take care of yourself。(自己当心/照顾好你自己。)

25. Thank you for everything。(谢谢你的多方关照/你为我所做的一切。)

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