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1 多用such替换the ,a . 例:Admittedly, such issue ,to some extent,has given rise to a bunch of familiar questions.(模板的第3段开头)


  1 As a result of constant media attention , A(A指题目话题) , once largely ignored,has come to be seen as especially valuable/significant.

  2  (The right of the media to do this )is rarely disputed, but (the way in which it does this )often comes under withering critism. (括号里可以换)

  3 As our lives are saturated with the flood of (advertisements) ,no one can avoid being influenced by ads.(ads 错的,不能用简写哦~)

  4 (Bad traffic and increasing pollution) are thorny issues challenging every major city in the globe.(in the globe全世界)

  5 The issue of  A  is a complex and sensitive one . What lies behind …..? (问原因类)

  6 After years in the wilderness , the term “ A ” seems posied to make a comeback.(和第一句意思比较像)


1 Nothing can be compared with sb/sth ~~(新3的哦,推荐)

2  A  exert a positive impact on ….

3  A can an effective way to (help)……(简单但好用)

4  Few things can be more (impressive)than ….that…  (新3的哦,推荐)

5  play a pivotal role in …

6  benefit from ../ profit from…一般

7  promot the development of ..

8  A is the cornerstone of …

9  remove the barrier for ..

10 raise one’s awareness of …常用

11 enable sb to do …

12 sb is the ultimate beneficiary  (sb是。。的最终受益者,社会问题类说人们应该自己也承担责任用)

13 consolidates its status as the ..

14 get a clear perspective of ..

15 give a boost to ..

16 A is an indispensable part of B

17 A is irreplaceable tp B

18 The signigicant of A to B can never be ingored

19 A is the key ingredient to B~~

20 A made it possibe for sb to…

21 A exert a peculiar fascination on a great many people . (新3的哦,推荐)

find it impossible to resist the temptation  to do ….

22 Needless to say / Indeed ,……(可以放在任一句开头,很好用哦~)

23  develop an unshakable faith in …

24 have a reputation of ..

25 Nothing can catch them for …

26 make a contribution to  (也可作写坏处的句子 the city make its own contribution to noise)

27 build  bridges between

28 特别的

   Improve one’s physical and psychological wellbeing /soundness 身体心理健康

   optimise people’s living standards 提高人们生活水平

   eradicate poverty 消除贫困

   It’s not A that are important ,but B

   Satisfy basic (human) needs 满足要求

   Ease the tension and conflicts between alleviate the problem of  消除冲突和紧张

   Be fully aware of the consequences

   The impact of (sporting activities) goes far beyond the bounds of (leisure and recreation.)


1 drive up the crime rate ..

2 widen the gap between A

3 pose a (direct) threat to …

4 stifle creativity

5 diminish individual’s leisure time…

6 spin out of control

7 cause(creat) tension and conflicts between…

8 exert(have) detrimental/negative/adverse  influence(impact)upon/on

9 is markly incompatible with…与。。不协调

10 be afflicted with …

11 deprive one of sth

12 sth is the root cause of …

13 be saturated with sth

14 at the expense of ….

15 be confronted with sth

16 run contrary to …

17 erode the national identity

18 pose a dilemma for

19 is an vicious circle

20 hamper (scientific) progress

21 there is  a yawning gap between

22 pose a devastating problem

23 the reputation is ruined

24 A is a complete failure

25 Things can go wrong on a big scale

26 sth is always faced with a difficult task /problem

27 It is impossible to

28 have (little) difficulties in doing

29pay the price for (fame)

30 (pollution) is the price we pay for( overpopulated ,over industrialized planet )

31 people seem to fail to take into account the fact that ….好句!!

32 lead to some unfavorable results

33 sacrifice ….for …

34 There  is a  major concern  over  t he  world  about ….

35 give rise to a bunch of familiar questions

36This is compounded by the fact that …

37 the problem of ( information overloaded ) exacerbated by (the growth …)

38 The problem , however , is complicated by the existence of dozens of ..and by the fact that…..



1Evidence suggests that a key step is to develop a policy on ….,saying clearly (that..).

2Other policies (such as ) can be taken to back up the policy .

3 One helpful step is to … ,Another possibility is to improve …. , so that ….

4 It should be an addtion to the policy work ,not a substitute.

5 The more effort put in and wider (the whole school) involvement ,the substantial  the results are likely to be .

1 give priority to sth

2 shoulder the responsibility to

3 comply with

4 impose restrictions on..

5 take …into account /consideration

6 should be increasingly focus on…rather than …

7 what will make the most difference is …..The new study makes this point even   more starkly

8 There are ways of dealing with the topic through …, …. and …..

  Three factors are involved in this change.


1 Apparently,there is a good deal of truth in this idea./There is an element of truth in both agreements

2More importantly/significantly,there is still good evidence that …

3This is compounded by the fact that …由于。。的事实,使。。变得更糟

4Women,it is obvious, are freer than in the past. 插入语

5 has given rise to a bunch of familiar questions.

6 It’s not A that are important ,but B

7 Providing more parking area, in the long run ,has proved to be a practical way out in many large cities in the world.插入语

8 Not only had the poor man been arrested ,but he had been  sent to prison ,as well

9 It has been estimated that …据估计

10 Considering the amount she paid ,he was dear in more ways than one .非谓语

  Fearing that she would never see Ratus again

11 use fewer materia resources and ,therefore,be much compatible with protecting the environment

12 avoid squandering money on 避免浪费钱在。。上

13 shoulder important responsibilities on major global issues

14These regions are fragile not just in terms of their ecology,but also in terms of the culture of their inhabitants.

25 Climate change ,whatever its causes,is a direct threat to their way of life.插入语

26 Cinema might, for example , have become pimarily a documentay form. for example放中间,好!

27 But what happened was that it became ,overwhelmingly, a medium for tekking stories. 插入语

28Unfortunately, they are the ones the organisation can least afford to lose.

29 There is an abundance of evidence to support the motivational benefits that result from carefully matching people to jobs. an abundance of 大量的,好!

30 Managers, must be sure ,therefore, that employees feel confident that their efforts can lead to performance goals. 插入语

31To varying degree, we all have secrets which……

32 Instead of becoming a doctor , however ,he became a successful writer of detective stories.

33 It seemed certain that

34 广告Much as we may pride ourselves on our good taste,we are no longer free to choose the things we want ,for advertising exerts a subtle influence on us .

35 In time ,it became an accepted fact that …

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